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CMBN: Road to Nijmegen: Heuman Lock Bridge Bug?

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First time poster here, although I've played all the combat mission games since the original series.

I just started playing the excellent road to Nijmegen campaign recently. I'm experiencing some trouble on the Heuman Lock Bridge mission; but not because of the difficulty of the mission itself. I'm playing with all the dlc, and I'm patched up to 3.12. 

The problem is that my troops have taken out the bunker and blown the wire with a demo charge, but will not cross the bridge itself. I have tried all movement commands, but nothing works. Orders are issued but they refuse to cross and sit there on the allied side of the bridge, and hence lose the battle.

I'm aware that the original bunker was changed from a concrete to a wooden bunker, in patch 3.12. I wondered if the change of bunker had caused a bug in the map, creating an invisible barrier, preventing the paras from crossing?

I have no idea myself and wondered whether anyone else had come across this?

Cheers for any suggestions or help.

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Still no news on this? I am also patched up to 3.12 and, although I've struggled to reach the bridge after knocking out the bunker and AT gun, suppressing the MGs, and blowing a nice gap (two chunks of contiguous wire) in the wire in front of the bridge, I still cannot execute a successful order to move across the bridge. I downloaded Mad Mike's extraction tool and dug into the scenario to see if I could see anything glaring in the map, but I'm absolutely not a scenario designer (never have; never will; no time), but I couldn't see anything untoward that would explain why my troops won't cross the bridge. Has anyone else? Bueller?

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On 1/8/2017 at 1:04 AM, sburke said:

Hold tight, this isn't really the place to post bugs, there is a helpdesk, however I have raised the question to folks.  I have not played through that campaign so have no experience with the issue noted.

Actually, this is probably the best place to post this. :-) But I will do what I can to get some extra eyes on this. Fixing bugs is beyond the scope of the Help Desk.

Forum posts are usually a better place to post possible bugs because the developers look at it frequently and they're the ones that can do something about it. Posting possible bugs on the forum also allows others who are seeing the same thing a chance to chime in. The Help Desk can help you get up and running if the game itself is running right or if there are licensing issues. 

That said, I will point HQ in this direction. 


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Yes, I'm curious about an update on this issue, as well.  I had the exact same problem, wiped out all resistance at the bridge and then got foiled by invisible barriers.  It would be a shame if I never got to play through this excellent campaign as a result of bridge bugs.

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