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Umlaut´s snowy german vehicle mods

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Finally pulled myself together and begun converting some of my snowy german Fortress Italy or Red Thunder mods to Final Blitzkrieg.

The next days I'll upload the ones I've already made. But I doubt I am going to make many new ones – it is just too much work. But perhaps I'll change my mind – who knows?

Snowy Panzer IV's

image ru



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3 hours ago, Erwin said:

Amazing Umlaut.  But, you give us such a hard choice between your mods and Aris'.

Nope. These ones wont conflict with Aris' mods: His mods are either for normal (no mod tag) [muddy] or [whitewash]. Mine are normal vehicles in [snow] conditions.


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28 minutes ago, umlaut said:

Nope. These ones wont conflict with Aris' mods: His mods are either for normal (no mod tag) [muddy] or [whitewash]. Mine are normal vehicles in [snow] conditions.


Brilliant! I was starting to wonder the same thing, and you've clarified it nicely.

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There is the problem described below, though. Hopefully it will get fixed in the upcoming patch, but I havent gotten any confirmation from BFC that it is considered a bug:


On 24/04/2016 at 11:59 PM, umlaut said:

I come across a really annoying problem with mod tags:

I really like the game's stock vehicles - except I think they look too "clean" in snowy conditions in games before 1945. That is why I have made snowy versions of all the US vehicles (so far)

All these vehicles of course have the mod tag [snow] in the end of the file name, but now I have come across this problem:

Whenever I now load a snow scenario with a 1945 date only the snowy vehicles show up - never the whitewashed ones.

The manual clearly says that the whitewashed one should load in scenarios with a date from january 1st 1945 - but the [snow] mod tag seems to override this.

And this is bad, because I really prefer the whitewashed vehicles to my own snowy ones - but I'd rather not have to shuffle my mods in and out of the mods folder, depending on the date of the game.

Is there some kind of workaround - or is this a bug to be fixed?




And the workaround:

On 28/04/2016 at 9:20 PM, umlaut said:

Important update!!

As mentioned above, it turns out that modtagging the vehicles [snow] has a rather unfortunate side effect:

The [snow] modtag somehow overrides the [whitewashed] modtag.

This means that these snowy vehicle mods will replace the [whitewash] vehicles in the games with a date of january 1st 1945 or later. Normally, all vehicles would be whitewashed in snowy ground conditions after this date. But since the [snow] modtag overrides [whitewash] this will not happen for these vehicles.

I am not at all happy about this, as I think the whitewashed vehicles in FB look great. Unfortunately this a game code thing I cant do anything about.

There is a workaround that I have used myself, though. But it takes some time. Here's what I've done:

1) Go to the data directory in your game and copy these four brz files:

final blitzkrieg v100c.brz
final blitzkrieg v100e.brz
final blitzkrieg v100f.brz
final blitzkrieg v100g.brz

2) Put each folder separately into your rezexplode input folder and the explode the file

3) Use a bulk renaming software (I use Bulk Rename Utility) to rename all files modtagged [whitewash]. The new modtag must be [whitewash snow].

4) Place these files in you mod folder. Or if you - like me - suffer from lack of hard drive space, repack them with rezpack and let the new files replace the original data brz files (if you do this I strongly suggest that you backup the originals to someplace safe).

This can be done in about 15 minutes.





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1 hour ago, umlaut said:

I now have official confirmation that the overriding [snow] tag is not a bug. So the only way (that I know of) to avoid to avoid the abovementioned problem is the workaround.

Thanks for letting us know umlaut. CMFDR has been kind enough to post a link in your US snow thread with all the files fixed with the [whitewash snow] modtag. 

Love your mods! :)

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