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"Fighting Blind" WIP Meeting Engagement map

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I've taken the Gauntlets Crossed scenario and upgraded the map, primarily filling in a lot of the empty blank space.

I'm building this into a proper scenario, but for now, here it is as a basic QB map.


  • Full use of the entirety of the Gauntlets Crossed map
  • DENSE fog, heavy EW and dawn conditions [hence, fighting blind:)]
  • Subtle variations in elevation to allow for hidden movemen

Best played as a Mech. Inf. v Mech Inf. (this will be the final scenario format).

I'm particularly interested in map glitches, unfair advantages or simply aesthetic concerns.

The final scenario will feature UKR v. RUS/LHR/DNR, with an initial early bias against the Ukrainians (they start further from the town).

Putting this up here to test before I go official over on GAJ/CM3.

DBX link here.




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