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WAV file issue

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I ran into this issue as well while creating my own replacement music mod.

I was going to use the "German Advance" from the original soundtrack from "Patton" as the "music intro" file and "Prelude" from the original soundtrack of "Battle of the Bulge" for the "music splash" file.  However, due to this issue "German Advance" plays as both the "intro" and the "splash."  (I know "Panzerlied" from the Bulge soundtrack is popular, but I already use that as the intro for CMRT with "The Sacred War" as the "splash.")

The problem is that CMFB doesn't have a "music splash" file.  CMFDR in another thread very helpfully listed all the items included in CMFB's .brz files and the only two music files listed are the "intro" and "end of battle."  I don't know if this was an oversight or that BFC decided just not to make additional music for CMFB other than the intro.

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32 minutes ago, Erwin said:

Am pretty certain that the default splash and intro music files are different.  It's just the user-made mods that have trouble.

Take a look for yourself.  If you see the "music splash" file listed then let me know because I'm certainly not seeing it:

EDIT: I removed my music mod to see if I could hear a difference between the vanilla "intro" and "splash" music.  Unless my hearing is really going, I couldn't detect any difference between the "two."  The music played appears to be from one file: "music intro."

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