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CMRT: The Cross of Iron Scenario Pack

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I thought I would release 7 of the scenarios from my campaign The Cross of Iron as a scenario pack to be played individually. I have modified the units to balance the scenarios for individual play, though the main characters are still intact. I also modified the victory conditions in all of them for balance also. The narrative (Designers Notes) has been removed and the Briefings changed to reflect the changes made to each mission.

It is best played in sequence to give a campaign feel without dealing with your losses carrying over. A text file is in the folder listing the sequence or you can just play in any order you desire. For those that do not have the campaign and the tagged mods that came with it I have included the mod folder here. You can play without but it will take away from the immersive atmosphere  of each scenario. Just drop the folder into your dataz and the .btt files into your scenario folder. They were designed with the latest patched version of CMRT.

The pack depicts actions during the opening days of Operation Bagration of 1. Kompanie, 501st Heavy Tank Battalion. I hope for those that have not played the campaign will enjoy these scenarios and for those that could not finish it this will give you a chance to play some of the later missions of the campaign.

Here is the link.


Hope they prove fun. As always let me know of any issues.

Michael (dragonwynn)

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Yes you can use that handy tool however I wanted to balance the scenarios since the campaign versions would load the entire core assembly tied to that particular scenario and since the previous losses are not carried over it could make the mission unbalanced unit wise.

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1 hour ago, Aragorn2002 said:

Thank you! This is a brilliant tool.

Brilliant doesn't do it justice in my book. I was trying to wrap my brain around scenario editing/campaign editing and came along this thread. It REALLY helps to see how other designers put a lot of work in to my favorite part of the game (the campaigns!!!). Thank you for the link and to the author for that amazing tool!!!

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