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Umlaut´s quick-snow mods

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I have just uploaded a set of snowy shermans to cmmods: Snow-sprinkled versions of all the 17 Sherman variants in CM Final Blitzkrieg. Each modtagged [snow].


These are what I call ”quick” mods. I have devised a way to add light snow to a vehicle that is much faster than my usual method. The downside is that I have had to compromise quite a bit on the quality. The snow layer of many of these vehicles wont stand up for closer inspection, but I have chosen to go with this method for two reasons:

1: The vast majority of players wont inspect the vehicles close enough to notice the difference anyway. At least not while playing an ordinary game.

2: If I were forced to make these mods the usualy – and much, much slower – way, it would have been way too much work. And thus, I wouldn´t have made them at all.

In short: It is these or none. And in my view some are preferable to none. You might disagree, though I hope not.

By the way: I really like MikeyD's work on the vehicles in FB. They are gorgeous. But I think the un-whitewashed snow free vehicles look out of place in snowy conditions. This is why I made these mods.


Next set of quick mods will be the US halftracks.

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Thanks all.

I'll do as many as I can/feel like. I dont want it to be a chore - and I'd like to play the game too now and then ;)

6 hours ago, Stingray said:

 Looking forward to having snowy panzers.;)

Alas, the german vehicles are probably not going to be as easy. The zimmerit and tricolour camo schemes dont go too well with my quick-snow method.


2 hours ago, Ithikial_AU said:

Umlaut are you planning on doing the same for the infantry uniforms like some of the work you did for CMFI-GL? You can really notice the difference with some 'dusting' on the uniforms and gear.

I am planning to look at it, yes. But I'd rather not promise anything, because I fear it might be a lot of work.

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Your snow effect looks good. I can understand your trepidation Umlaut on modding. Incidentally I have your mods and in other CM games. But yeah modding and playing you got to strike a balance.  Modding can be a monster on your back.

Your probably like me-you like to explore the files and see what you can do-but at the same time just PLAY and ENJOY the game.

I tried my own experiments with a snow effect on vehicles. It's tough-snow isn't easy. Is there a specific brush or a combination of brushes... don't know.



String from 2012 when I was exploring flavor objects into CM FI. Puzzle Palace back then. Simple now. Modding is like being a druggie. FWIW


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Have you got the raw sherman image files from the game or one you could send me one or two (in PSD with layers that you've done) to dabble with.  I'm on a mac and IIRC the skin file extractor is PC only.

Winterising Shermans seem to inspire me with Photoshop...

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New set uploaded: A collection af various snow-sprinkled US vehicles for CM Final Blitzkrieg. Each modtagged [snow]. The vehicles are:

2,5 ton 6×6 Deuce truck

Light tanks:
M5A1 Stuart
M25 Chaffee

Armored cars:
M8 early
M8 mid

Jeep MMG
Jeep .50


image hosting over 10mb

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The latest set concludes the US vehicles.
The set contains: Snowy versions of all US Tank Destroyers and Self Propelled Guns for CM Final Blitzkrieg. Each modtagged [snow].

free upload

The vehicles are:

M18 Hellcat
M36 "Jackson"
M36B1 "Jackson"

M7B1 Priest

These are what I call ”quick” mods, which means created faster than usual – and as a consequence the quality is less than usual.

I'll upload some german vehicles later. But they are much harder to quick mod, so I really dont know how many I am going to make. We'll see.


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Thanks for the fabulous mods, Umlaut.  I had a thought that if you name your mods starting with your name like "Umlauts whatever" rather than "Snowy whatever by Umlaut" then they all group together in our mod folder under "U" for Umlaut.  (Just makes mod management easier.)

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