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Waclaw, our sound hero

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Just downloading CMFB.

Is it possible to use Waclaw´s soundmod from CMBN in CMFB? Basically there is so much the same, that I think why not.

Still, a humble question to Waclaw, is this possible and are you planning to make separate CMBF sound mod for this? 

I wish everything good for everybody in this community, you rock!




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Make sure to get all 3 files, download them to the same empty folder then unrar the first with Winrar (tried with 7zip and it gaves me an error). You'll get a brz file named "packed" (you can safely rename it to something more informative, "zHQS_205.brz" eg.). Do you still get ".man" files then?

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Ahh, the identical packed.brz file name in each of the 3 downloads was totally confusing me....


So I think the idea is to download and unpack each brz, rename the brz to something like HQS2.3_part1.brz (or whichever part it is), then put each of the 3 brzs into your mod folder?

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Am curious why you use these strange compression techniques that no one else uses.  I have no .rar folders only 3x .man files (parts 1,2 and 3), and I have no idea what to do with them.  Was it a bad download??

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