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Any plans for Vin's animated text to be updated

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12 hours ago, Vinnart said:

Hang tight Ian. Claude is going to zip up a Heavy and Light version for CMFB and post it here for you fellas to use. I have been dealing with caring for a sick family member that leaves me little time or ambition for games right now.

Sorry to hear that.  Good luck to you both.  I really like your animated text mod so I am happy to hear it is under way.  I had a look at what you guys did for it a while back and it hurt my brain ;) 

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6 hours ago, Vinnart said:

Sorry fellas, been pre-occupied. I'll ask CMFDR to update as he has the file thread started at CMMODS.


Apologies not necessary - you are helping us out after all.

So, some of these seem to be missing from the CMMods site.  When I search I find only two:


Would you be so kind as to upload the others I know you guys have produced. PS I think there may be other titles that are missing an update. Either that or I just cannot find them all.

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