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Overview map with scnarios/campaigns/maps

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The data for BN/CW/MG/BP1 & FB is now complete and these maps are now open for community made content.

If you would like to add yours please PM me with the necessary data. A simple text is enough except for the location: there I need a link to google maps. I only take complete data sets.


Duration: x h y min
Historical: yes/no
Date: dd:mm:yyyy hour:minute
Designer: name or alias
Link: http://...

There is ongoing work for FI and also someone for BS. If you'd like to do RT then please PM me.



CMBN et al:


Please post here or PM me if you find mistakes or omissions!

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Excellent work Poesel.  Just one minor modification for the MG scenario 'Devil's Hill'.  It is a little too far to the southeast.  It should be just a bit east of 'Beek' where you see the L shaped body of water.  If you zoom in close enough you can see the hill itself labeled 'De Duivelsberg' on the map.  Other than that everything looks great.

Oh, and Bridge Number 7 should be northeast of Heumen just below where the N271 crosses the canal.  There isn't a crossing there anymore, but it is on the southern end of where the canal gets really narrow at that one spot.

Do'h, sorry, I found another one.  'Le Desert' isn't in the right spot either for CMBN.  The town is actually 'Le Dezert' and it is located North of Saint Lo between 'It's a New Dawn' and 'Panzers Marsch'.

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Thank you this is very nice, good job very intructive and helpful...was searching this one and begin to make myself from couple of month,  but in google map...have canceled cos lot of work and not enough infos...it could be interresting to have the file scenario/campaing downloaded included:) ...well I ask too much...nice job...one question...supose that the last version is the last post ?

Thanks in advance to your answer...

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