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CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread

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Just finished A war without mercy against @BletchleyGeek and we had a blast!

Severe house2house fighting, PaK fronts, Hetzer lines, tank breakthroughs with actual tank companies, flank turning, getting counter attacked by a dozen Panthers with ample infantry support, it's all in there.

I think it was the most complete battle I've ever played. It did cost quite some energy though lol.

Thanks @ASL Veteran (IIRC it is one of yours).

Trivia: Over 1000 casualties, ~50 tanks KO'ed (and several more combat ineffective), one year playtime.

Who knows if I ever make an AAR out of this. It would surely be worthy of it, but playing the game took a year already (PBEM) and I guess making a proper AAR would take a similar time.

Duel with a Panther (it is barely visible).


The battle around the Church was very very bloody.


German counter attack was barely held off:



Post view breakthrough area across the rail line:




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On 8/18/2021 at 8:40 PM, 37mm said:

A Muddy Affair...


... a very enjoyable little scenario.

That's Singling (recognised it straight away).....Whoever made that map did a really nice job!  B)

PS - Looks like you did rather better than Creighton Abrams.  ;)

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