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CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread

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On the far left, German screen units return to their positions to intercept the revived enemy push there. As the HMG team starts to set up, an American spotting round lands nearby. That was fast!



Disturbingly, US artillery also now appears to be hunting for the Germans on the northern marsh road. This could be very, very bad...



As if to complete the minor chord, US infantry strength grows in the push on the main road.



With German units in the farm area forced to hide by the Rooster Gang, German HMG units are redeployed to hopefully interdict the Americans from the flank before the hiding Germans are revealed to RG fangs. 3rd company's mortar support is also able to send in some light interdicting fire.



Until next time...

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The smoke screen was still forming so the upper floor of that building was not yet blocked by smoke when the screenshot was taken.  Below is a screenshot of the tank that won the bottle of schnapps. 

Now part two: As all that gunfire was going on with the two American half-tracks, two more half-tracks were coming up the road behind them, making four in total. Right when the first firefight wa

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4 hours ago, quakerparrot67 said:

macisle- great screenshots!  one odd thing in the first shot,  the mg42 gunner in the foreground is firing with the receiver cover open.... how is the belt advancing and loading????lol.




Yeah, I've noticed that weirdness occasionally happening with tripod-mounted MG42s for awhile now.

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I'm going to let the action play out in a larger chunk before posting again. Probably when my big push gets underway. In the meantime, here's an overview for those interested:


The enemy may have more armor and/or lighter vehicles near the Asten objective. No hard spots -- just some iffy intel. Also, despite the casualties I've inflicted so far, I could still be outnumbered by a fair stretch.

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7 hours ago, Strykr45 said:

And I "Quickly" learned to dismount Infantry before entering the open.    

Give riding infantry a dismount order before plotting a movement order for the vehicle. The vehicle will move without the infantry. Do this a terrain feature away from a danger area.

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On 3/25/2021 at 11:11 AM, Erwin said:

I recall in CM1, that inf would obey a dismount order if and when the transporting unit went into a sharp turn, ie slowed down a lot on a sharp turn at a waypoint.  Have never tested if that useful feature made it into CM2.

No that does not happen in CM2. You can dismount passengers before the vehicle moves or issue move orders to passengers so they will disembark and move once the vehicle stops. Those are you two choices.

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Unfortunately no.  In CM1, one could give a vehicle and sharp turn that forced it to slow or stop while it rotated, and the inf could dismount at that waypoint.  In CM2 one can only order DISMOUNT before one makes any waypoints, or the unit will dismount at the end of the movement.  "No getting on and off the bus while it's traveling."

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