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CMFB (Unofficial) Screenshot Thread

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37 minutes ago, Raptorx7 said:

Uh no, you need to learn how to post pictures because Im not seeing them either.

You need to either upload directly to the forum when you reply by dragging them from your files and into the reply box or clicking "choose files". Alternatively you can upload to an image hosting site like Imgur and link from there.


The problem is on your end maam...

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The smoke screen was still forming so the upper floor of that building was not yet blocked by smoke when the screenshot was taken.  Below is a screenshot of the tank that won the bottle of schnapps. 

Now part two: As all that gunfire was going on with the two American half-tracks, two more half-tracks were coming up the road behind them, making four in total. Right when the first firefight wa

Posted Images

A JagdTiger waits quietly at the edge of the woods for its prey. Nice pine trees in the foreground.   (I have gridded terrain mod added - you might notice the lines on the ground. It helps a lot with the very snowy scenery.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 2.14.44 PM.jpg

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12 hours ago, gnarly said:

@user100 not seeing your shots, just theirname.jpg


1 hour ago, Dennis50 said:

not seeing your pics either on my end. See all the rest though.


Same here. Seems like the problem is with your posts, user1000.

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Night Battle, Germans moving into a village, in the snow.  Visibility is practically nil.

The bodies by the upper wall were an American HQ unit on post.  I hunted to the other side of the wall, only had possible contacts, and when I had the guys vault the wall, all Hell broke loose.  The other bodies are my troops, hit during the melee.  Even trying to move on hunt it is terribly difficult to see the enemy.  The US soldiers in the center, now the focus of every one of my troops attention, are a MG team that rushed to help their fellow soldiers and blundered into my troops in the dark, snowy night.  Sometimes I can only tell the enemy by the shape of their helmets, mixed in among my troops and firing point blank.  Amazing action. 

The tension is palpable.




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7 minutes ago, rocketman said:

That's to the point. I micromanage a lot and when a unit just sits there for a long time I always feel the urge to "do" something.

Yeah, I get that feeling myself. It's especially annoying when I have a unit doing nothing, and elsewhere there is a lot of action and I have to decide if the current section will remain quiet and I can afford to move, or if I'm going to open a hole in my lines they shouldn't. 

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