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CMFB Soft Launch is here - Buy/Download now!

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Beaker checked the CMFB Store page and was all like



Full game is up for purchase and download.

Announcement on the website will follow later.


I have a note only for people who preordered the MacOS version: the link you received with your email order confirmation incorrectly leads to a PC version download. Ignore that link, and log into your store account page, then View your CMFB order. The download link there in your purchase history will be correct. Once again, if you didn't preorder a MacOS copy, ignore this note.

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Was checking the forum before unplugging... Chris, you made my night! :D

Now please take my money and let me thanks you guys for all your hard work.

(Can't wait to have the official briefing templates so we can translate the scenarios properly and makes our english-impaired friends enjoy the passion too.)

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7 minutes ago, Michael Emrys said:

Clearly I made a mistake by trying to DL it tonight. Should have waited a day or two to let the initial rush die down. Looks like it is going to be midnight PDT before it is finished. Whatever happened to pre-orderers get a day's advance warning?


Hell I didn't even get advance warning.  Seems the game decided to break out itself




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I am getting the blistering speed of 120KB/s. and I have a package where I can consistently get 6MB/s usually. Oh well, I guess I will go back to playing the Road to Minsk (CMRT) for the next few days.


So while I am waiting to download and play this for the next few months, what is next on the horizon?

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In the game.  Beautiful job guys.  This was the module I've been waiting for since the "Road Map" was set out.


Edited to add: Noted the hat tip to CMBO original Operation Kampgruppe Peiper (or was it called Stavelot?)

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