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Cat Tactical Icons Seem to Work with Demo

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7 hours ago, TGarner said:

I love them. I wish there was a version for Red Thunder that uses the same symbols as this version but the version for RT uses some kind of Russian symbols I am not familiar with :(

What do you think of the German symbols then? The Soviet mod has a key image packaged with it.

My goal with those icons was to use the icons that were used by that army in that time period.

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Ian no please dont get me wrong I love what you did and I think it really cool having the icons of the time  period for the country. Im just too simple minded to learn new symbols :)

Entirely my problem not a problem with your icons. 

Very cool for sure. I dont really play axis, ever so all I see is the US icons from your pack for Combat Mission Normandy and was wishing for a set of those but for the allies(Russia) in RT.  I know certainly not historical for the time.


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No worries just trying to explain / help out.

Hummm.  I made one colour icon for each of the US, German and Soviets for the WWII games.  If you play red on red or blue on blue you end up with only one side using my icons and the other using stock.  For CMBS I made red and blue NATO compliant icons.  I never found information on what the US, Germans or Soviets used for enemy units.  Perhaps the just didn't.  I suppose it would be possible to create a CMRT icon pack that used the US icons for the Soviet side.  Next time I am messing around with this I'll have a look because it could be as simple as a few lines in the build script to do some renaming. 

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I made it official: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=3263

My tactical icon replacement is now available.  Those of you who are using the version from CMBN you can keep using it there is no harm.  The official version linked above is slightly smaller since it only includes icons for the US and Germany.

Have fun and enjoy.


Edited to add - yes that is the same preview image from CMBN.  I'll update it with another one soon but for now it shows things well enough.

Edited by IanL
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