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Well I think I can purchase 6 different bunkers. Not 5

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I've done some magic in my day with Flavor Object MDR files-but that Sun and Light b*****+ is just that-sun and light. But here I got a workable item from the ''vehicle' file.  It's late and I am tired. But I borrowed one of Assad's Bunkers from SHOCK FORCE and put it in Red Thunder and it appears to work. And if this works-we could have an additional bunker toy in Red Thunder/Normandy/FORTRESS ITALY and BLACK Sea. NO SUBSTITUTIONS-and additional bunker.

I just dropped this puppy in the Z folder and let the game engine do it's magic act.

The textures are crap-but I just know we have talented artists.

I do believe I have an ADDITIONAL bunker in the Scenario Editor to choose from. It says 5-but I counted 6 after I deployed them. Scenario editor picks these structures randomly in my  tired mind tonight. Yeah I know a lot of questions-I don't have answers. Didn't crash the simple btt file I created. Had to rearrange/rename and delete some files.


Has that real ORGANIZATION Todt Atlantik Wall look-No? :lol:

This is a BETA of A Beta Mod. :lol:CM%20Red%20Thunder%202016-03-14%2018-39-CM%20Red%20Thunder%202016-03-14%2018-37-CM%20Red%20Thunder%202016-03-14%2018-43-

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Well no crash to desktop when it gets hit. Tough nut to crack by infantry-but doable albeit high casualties if it's loaded with Germans.

SU-152-had no luck with it except when it was right up front to it. From the side or angle it just a lot of explosions and dust .Hit decals showed up-see yellow arrows. I will try to get a BETA uploaded for people to test in a dropbox on the weekend. Just have to drop it in your Z file.

Not Titanium but Chrome-nickle steel.

Damn Assad builds them tough.



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All I'm doing is swapping out the stock unarmed concrete bunker for the stock unarmed concrete bunker from SHOCK FORCE The stock bunker looks similar to the armed MG bunker.

No way I increased the the number from 5 to 6.

Morale of the story-don't do mods late at night-you can jump to faulty conclusion. Hence the title to this forum string :^(

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Well I learned a lot. But what I couldn't get into because it is encrypted (with good reason) was the TOE. What units are allowed. I could never increase the allowance from 5 to 6.

I renamed the files every which way-altered some data with hex editing.

But with this and with a few other things I went beyond just a flavor object.

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