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How do you move/mount a poster on a wall?

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I think the problem lies in the fact that AS sizes, building size and flavour objects don't quite tally up. No matter how good your mouse control is, a poster will almost always stand proud of the wall it is meant to be stuck to. You just have to fiddle around with the "Alt" and "shift" keys to get it as close as you can. I find that it is best to push it towards the wall 1m at a time until it disappears, move my camera inside the building and then rotate the poster one mouse click at a time. Hopefully with the last click it will reappear on the external wall. If that doesn't work, then I'm afraid you will have to have it slightly in front of the wall. Although it shouldn't appear too obvious, unless you zoom in.

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My 2 cents, 3 cents with inflation?

....then the poster hovers in mid air after the building is destroyed. Though I read that is fixed in CMBS now. I don't have CMBS.

Plus I am pretty sure the posters are random and reload differently each time you would start the scenario.

I now just mod the building and put my posters on the bmp directly.

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So true. Wartrs. an All

HAHAHAHA I just got out of the editor and did that a few times-but it's still hit or miss. The solution is to reduce the length of travel from 1 meter to something less. Or some other way to freely manipulate the poster.


As an aside-the the solution we both tried works for buildings. But solid walls not so much since the poster is buried in the wall and then you can't get it out.

I tried rotating the poster parallel to wall and walking it backward with Shift click. But really it is an exercise. 1 meter movement is too much.

They are a neat flavor object which really do add atmosphere. But manipulating them in the editor is poorly implemented.

Kohlenklau I also noticed that to when I go in and out of 3 D view- the image you like will not be what will show next time.

My take-Flavor Objects-posters is buggy.


Seen you a PM on an unrelated matter regarding graphics.

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This 1x1m grid grass mod of mine helps to find center and pivot points for the various flavors and gives an idea where to click the ground mesh (the 1x1m nodes) for predictable placements. The game shifts and puts objects on these nodes (nearest one) anyway, once you leave the preview mode and then return. 



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