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Testers Wanted for Stalingrad MOD

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Beta Testers Wanted! 

This is a great opportunity to preview the Stalingrad MOD and help out with the release. You will need to download the MOD from Dropbox using the usual file sharing link. That amounts to around 2 GBs of war gaming gold. We have 3+ scenarios that need testing so we need 3 testers. Please IM kevinkin if you are ready to give this your attention. It should be a fun few weeks studying the in-and-outs of this epic struggle in annals of military history. We are aiming to have the play test results for the 3 scenarios by March 28th. Testers will provide feedback and corrections to briefings, OOBs, game play and balance etc.. 

Look forward to hearing from you. IM kevinkin with your interest. The plan is to start next weekend (3/28/16).    Just another form of March Madness. 

NPye, Umlaut kevinkin  

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