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Email game crash/reset?

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Hi There,


I'm trying to play an email game with a friend. I have placed the inccoming email file in the correct folder. I get to pick all my troops and whatnot, but when I click OK, the game gives me a loading screen then drops me back at the force selection screen where I have to do it all over again.


Basically the match seems to reset each time I hit ok.


I am running 1.03 of CMRT. I have one visual mod installed. We have tried a TCP/IP game and it worked great!


Please help. Dying to play this, email is the best option for me with a baby on the way.



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Bit of thread necromancy but I just had a similar issue with upgrade 4.

Started a PBEM game and sent it to my opponent. He was able to pick his troops (germans) with no problems

When I load the turn I see his forces and I'm not able to pick my own(Russians). As with the OP if I click continue it shows the German forces over and over again.


I've attached the save game


cmrt setupprob.ema

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