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Mist not working or Kampfgruppe Engel still has problems.

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Contains mini-spoilers.

Disappearing tanks, AT gun problems and bazooka team KOing King Tiger in first three missions are all fixed.

Mission 4 there is a problem with the mist it seems.

- Briefing says mist limits vision to 300-500 metres.

- Mist is present in the "Conditions" description.

- Mist is not represented graphically (originally thought graphics driver failure).

- But the LOS tool was working out to long ranges (700+ metres).

Thinking mist was totally absent started to defend along this premise.

- Units in village could spot tanks streaming across as they were close (within mist restricted range) but then realised none of my tanks sitting further back were spotting anything even though enemy were clearly within the 700+ LOS tool range.

- At this point I go into test mode and specifically move the tanks forward and they start spotting at what I assume is the mist imposed range.

It seems at least for this scenario all the UI tools (graphics and LOS tool) have mist absent. All the underlying spotting mechanics behave as if the mist is present.

Also noticed some of my tanks doing the odd turret spin to targets that they have no spotting or targeting information on.

EDITED - I started a quick battle on an open map with mist. Seems in this situation mist has no impact at all. Visually absent, AI immediately artied my setu-up area (poor form), tanks were spotting AND engaging at 1km+.

While I am convinced that the spotting range was limited to the mist range in the Engel situation (I had too many tanks that had visuals on where I knew enemies to be) it is possible that due to  crops and contours introducing vagaries to what I think I can see I could be mistaken. Either way mist doesn't appear to be working properly.

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Litte more testing
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Just had a thought - if mist is a morning phenomena that lifts then my QB battle may have been a useless test.

I don't think the game allows weather conditions to change during gameplay, even when lots of time pass.

I recommend that you report your findings to Battlefront through their official helpdesk, and provide them with a savegame and a description of the issue. Then they will take a look at it and pass it on if it's confirmed to be a bug.

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Mist doesn't limit visibility in game to 500 meters.  I think that either Light Fog or Fog will do that though.  Mist, from what I can tell, has almost no effect in game.  As far as the visual representation of Mist - it is there but hard to see.  You have to be at ground eye view looking across a long distance and there will be a bit of a misty look but you won't see it in a way similar to fog.  It is more like the effect that Haze has in game.  For a long time I could not even see Fog in my game.  Eventually it got fixed enough that I could see Fog when CMFI came out (I think) but it is definitely video card specific.  Others could see Fog and I could not.  I would venture to say that if you can see Fog in the game then you should be able to see Mist as well.  Like I said though - Mist is hard to see because you have to be at ground level looking across the entire map.  As far as the briefing note about the 500 meters goes - that was probably either a mistake in the briefing or perhaps confusion about which environmental settings were being used.  Maybe the author used Fog at first and then switched to Mist but didn't change the briefing. 

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