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It seems you are already assimilated sire. I have been since ...... 1999!

I still remember the dismal feeling when late (in BF's first demo) scenario in the 1990's, a "grotesque ugly" Pz IV(J?) rumbled down onto your meticulous plans/positioned troops in CMBO days ... ...


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After I played the demo of CMSF I purchased the complete pack the day after! And a week later I purchased the CMBS with the new engine. I want compare the modern warfare Setting in this simulations universe. Deep, great and the love for details signs this universe on old and new engine. I love both games and I'm looking forward for the Final Blitzkrieg. I love the simulation flair on CM like Graviteam ...

Company of ... what? The real heroes find on battlefields like ARMA, DCS World and Combat Missions. Great Job, battlefront. Every cent's worth!

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