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CMRT Quick Battle Troop Quality Control?


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I remember in CMX1 games and in CMSF when setting up a quick battle you can control the quality of the troops for either or both sides (conscript, green, regular, etc...) or let system randomly choose. In CMRT I cannot seem to find a way to do that unless I go in and manually choose the forces and set their quality.  I have read the the CM Engine Manual 3.01 and it not addressed except in instance where you manually choose your force composition but I could have missed it.

1. Is there a way in QB setup to designate force quality for either or both sides while letting system randomly choose everything you have set to random?

2. If not, then does CMRT QB randomly choose your force and computer opponent's force quality so that one game can have Axis at Veteran level while Soviets are Green and next battle might find both sides at Crack?

Thanks!  Gene

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In CMx2 it's alittle different...The QB's Quality is more random & mixed ( unless you purchase and set the quality )...Some Units can be Green, Reg, or Vets all in same Company-Battalion with random Soft Factors ( ex; different Leadership Skills ).


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You can either set the quality of the thing you're adding to your TO (set it once, and it'll be the default for that trip to the force selection screen), or set the quality of any element once it's in your "forces selected" pane. So if you want everything to be Regular, Fit, Normal, Normal, just select the first formation you want to add, set the soft factors to the values you want, and then add it to the right hand pane.

"Typical" will introduce some variation in soft factors framed by subjective assessments of the various forces for the time frame you've got selected for the battle. Forces generally considered "elite" (like airborne) might end up with higher morale, leadership and experience factors in this way than, say Kriegsmarine or ersatz battalions would.

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