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Hello, this is another part of my mods sound, this time in version 2.2

it will add it to the http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/

I have a request to the players for feedback and suggestions. (what they like and what does not, what can be changed or improved)


What's New?

- 912 NEW! the sounds of the highest quality (total 2974)

- German voices (434 sounds) NEW!

- British voices (256 sounds) NEW!

- Improved and additional voices American, Russian, Polish and Italian (147 new sounds)

- 15 new ambient sounds - (day and night) Winter, spring, summer and autumn (three kinds of wind and rain, and two types of fog) - all are tagged - just set the scenario for October / September and runs ambient autumn - and when choose the scenario in April, starts ambien .......... spring, and so on.

- The mass of new sounds and improved eg. The engine shutdown, zips, ricochets, the incoming artillery, explosions, Penetrations, hits, soldier movement, etc.

and of course, lots of bug fixes and improvements.


What is HQS 2.2?

It's a huge modification for all parts of the CM series of World War II - replaces 90% sounds (explosions, weapons, sounds, etc.) - with the best quality (and quantity) greatly increases the immersion in the game.


Download link: 


installation - unpack and paste: Combat Mission / Date / Z

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