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2" mortars always out of range

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Playing a scenario where I have Commonwealth forces attacking some dug in jack-booted thugs and after working quite nicely, now, for some reason, all my 2" mortar crews are saying any place I aim for is "out of range". Even if it's decidedly in range and they have unobstructed LOS to it. I've never had this issue before and wondered if anyone might have some ideas as to what's what. They are all healthy and have ammo.  I tried to do a search of the forums, but came up with squat.



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I just had this come up myself. 2" mortars expended all their HE, and targeting functioned completely normally. I then wanted to use them to drop smoke rounds, which they still had plenty of, and got the same "out of range" message. Interestingly, despite the message, I was still able to place the target and the mortars proceeded to fire smoke rounds.

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