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Wanting a cheap laptop that can play all CM games

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No, those Intel cards suck for CM. My new notebook at work has a 5000 and it will play CM but so poorly. The text drawing is a mess and the performance is poor.

My last notebook was good because it had an additional NVidia card that I could use for gaming. I just had to configure it to be used when playing CM.

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I used to have an HP and a lenovo that had AMD A10 CPUs and radoen graphics.  Bot cost about $400 two years ago.  They played CM decently.  I had the graphics on improved or faster on most of the games with only some of the usual stuttering on large maps.  I am not sure that config is still available, but am sure something similar replced it.  The lenovo used to be at both Best Buy and Staples.

I would prefer the HP over the Lenovos due to heat issues with Lenovos.  It still played well, but got very hot.

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Here is the equivalent HP



The lenovo equivalent:


The lenovo is cheaper, but I bet the HP is cooled better.  I got periodic heat throttling on the lenovo, but only on really heavy and long game sessions.

btw, the listed CPU speed is 1.8GHz...Mine ran at around 2.4GHz without throttling.  You can check CPUbenchmarking.com for some CPU comparisons.

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I have a MSI Gaming G series I got a year ago. Do a search and see what they currently have and what fits your budget. Mine has the built in intel graphic processor that sucks and a NVidia graphics processor that works fine. One mine you have to set the Nvidia graphics to run otherwise the built in Intel runs to save battery.

What you may or may not be able to get depends on your budget. What are you looking to spend. If its under $400 it may be hard to find something suitable. $600-800 should be doable.

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What's your budget?

You can safely go for any laptop that has intel i3 CPU (since the game is not multicore and is very MHz per core dependent) and some kind of NVidia GPU, perfect if it has GTX in its name. Do not go for AMD (game uses OpenGL and AMD is REALLY bad with driver support for that API when we are talking GPUs and AMD's CPUs are... well... s***)

I have ASUS N56JR (it was $1000 ~1.5 years ago though), it has i7 4700HQ (does 3.2 GHz) and GTX760M, it handles CM games quite fine. I bet something cheaper will do too.

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