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Attack on Hubert-Folié


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Hi to all......

A new scenario in http://www.maps-for-cm2.com/.



Designer :HOTH
Module :CMBN-CW
Language :ENGLISH

Attack on Hubert-Folié:

Hubert-Folié, Normandy (France). While American infantrymen slogged their way through the hegderows of Normandy in July 1944, the British were waging a largely armored campaign in the flatter terrain to seize the city of Caen. Three armored divisions attacked the defensive positions of 21 Panzer. In a good tank terrain the british move forward with decission, but Germans waiting them in a good concealment places taking adventage of small villages.  After initial success, the British tanks were stopped by antitank fire from these villages. British armored commanders ordered their tanks to attack all these villages. Once Soliers was secured by tanks and infantry of 3rd Royal Tank Rgt. Hubert-Folié and Bras were the next objectives, behind it was the hilly ground of Bourguébus Ridge. One who seize this ground feature could achieve a tactical adventage over the battlefield. German knows this fact and put into the battle some of their armoured units from the 1st SS Panzer Division LAH. The clash will be inminent…





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