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I recently designed three quick-to-play semi-historical scenarios. They were designed with the new CMRT winter mod in mind. 
Here is the Dropbox link:


And here briefly are battles found via the link:

Happy New Year Major Bake (post Stalingrad)
Best played: German or H2H recommended for the initial games
Scenario length: 20 min
Mission type: Soviet Probe (tank infantry teams for both sides)
Date/time: January 1, 1943 0000 hrs
AI: Plans for each side
Map: Modified from a CMRT QB Map

The operational map is from Forczyk,  "Red Christmas: The Tatsinskaya Airfield Raid 1942", Osprey Publishing
Kurowski's "Panzer Aces" was also used to select the location and date.

A Lot too Late (Cherkassy)
Best played: German or H2H recommended. No German AI plans
Scenario length: 35 min
Mission type: German Attack (tank heavy task forces)
Date/time: February 5, 1943 1120 hrs
AI: Plans for German Only
Map: Modified from a CMRT QB Map

Nash, Douglas "Hell's Gate" 4th Edition, RZM, 2011
Various internet resources including Google Maps.

Frozen Rope (Retreat to Kholm)
Category: Semi-Historical
Best played: Soviet or H2H recommended for initial games
Scenario length: 20+ min
Mission type: Soviet Attack (infantry only)
Date/time: January, 27 1942 0630 hrs
AI: Plans for both sides
Map: Modified from a CMRT QB Map

Various internet resources used. A search for the Toropets–Kholm Offensive will find them.



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fantastic.. thanks to all...

Off to work now but will grab them for the long, New Year weekend.

Thanks to Kevinkin, Kohlenklau and Barbaric..:).

All the best,


PS I take QB maps and transfer them to "Scenarios.." and then use them as an ultra-flexible, QB resource too... Bit nerdish, but superb way to use them. Quick edit and you are there..

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I have been doing the same with QB maps as well. Pretty much to pre-select OOBs that are more typical of what a player would select for H2H. I optionally modify the AI plans and store them away until my memory fades. If you have a dozen or so there remains enough FOW. I rename the QB maps as "hybrid" and place them in the scenario folder. I am working to provide a series of these in the winter mod soon. 



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I am slowly trying to improve my winter whitewash look so please be patient.

Here are the latest versions of the Panzer IV's needed for Kevin's "Happy New Year Major Bake" scenario.

When I finally have them the best I can, I will upload to cmmods3.


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A couple of more winter battles. Mostly for H2H but they have AI plans for you lone wolves out there. They are in a zip file called Hybrid QBs and found here for now. 






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Clarification - Place these files in the Scenarios folder not the Quick Battle folder.
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Here is another thanks to the Winter Mod. It can be downloaded from FGM at http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/  And here is an active link to my dropbox for previous winter mod scenarios.  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2pg0j60lbsppkyj/AACWc6Q3asSOhpkMrDgupY7Da?dl=0

Dawn February 15, 1943 (Soviet Operation Star)

The once thriving city of Kharkov is shattered. Soviet and German forces are contesting control along a railroad spur southwest of Dzerzhinsky Square. As Operation Star unfolded, 25th GRD entered the battle. By 15 February, the Red Army had forced the Germans into an inner perimeter and threatened German lines of communication running south out of Kharkov. SS-Panzerkorps just vacated the city's northern suburbs and the Soviet 69th Army filled the void heading into the heart of Kharkov.

Category: Semi-Historical; Best played: Soviet or H2H recommended for initial games; Scenario length: 35+ min
Mission type: Soviet Attack (infantry only); AI: Plans for both sides

- Kevin


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Well a month or so left of winter here in NJ so here is a small battle with a very specific "combat mission". Unfortunately the fighting scattered all the coeds around the university they now called "Dead Square" Best played with the Winter Mod for CMRT.




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