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2015 Christmas Bones


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Here's a quick update on what we are up to! Well, what we're willing to reveal just yet...

1. Combat Mission: Final Blitzkrieg, our Late Western Front title, is getting pretty close to release. Our current release window for Final Blitzkrieg is the end of January 2016. Click here for some basic information on the game. Sometime before release, we will open up pre-orders for the game, as we have done with all other Combat Mission titles.

2. Ahead of the release, the 132 page Final Blitzkrieg PDF manual is attached to this post for you to read. CM Final Blitzkrieg Manual.pdf. Here is something to help you ignore your in-laws over Christmas!

3. CMBN's Battle Pack, "The Great Swan" is in its final stages before release, and is just waiting on installer construction and testing to finish (what we call "Final Candidate"). This will be the first Battle Pack made for Combat Mission. A Battle Pack is a community member-made set of campaigns, scenarios, and QB maps, built to take advantage of all the modules and packs available to the Family (in this case CMBN). The Great Swan is made by one of the best community scenario designers around, Jon Sowden (JonS on the forums). You just may have played one of his scenarios before. Probably. You can find JonS's summary of his Battle Pack hereThe Great Swan will include one campaign, 12 standalone scenarios, and new QB maps.

4. Patch 3.12 will arrive for CMBN at the same time as the Battle Pack. Here are a few of the bigger items on the patch list:

  • Fixed a bug that caused players to swap sides in a 2-player Quick Battle.
  • Fixed some issues with vehicles interacting with bridges.
  • King Tiger (Henschel turret) mantlet armor protection increased.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a unit's pause orders to be change to a one-second pause if a waypoint was repositioned.
  • Fixed some issues with AI purchasing logic in Quick Battles.
  • Some micro terrain, such as rocky ground, now provides more protection from high explosives.
  • Commonwealth module campaign "Kampfgruppe Engel" has been updated: fixed an issue where core tanks would disappear after Mission 1.

5. After Final Blitzkrieg is out early next year, our plan is to spend 2016+ expanding our current titles with more modules and packs. The following are closest in the pipeline:

  • Fortress Italy module: this is the next big thing coming, and work has already begun on it. See #5 below for details!
  • Red Thunder module: winter combat on the East Front...
  • Black Sea module: think Marines, Naval Infantry, and VDV, among other new forces. And new high-tech toys. I want to really flesh out American, Ukrainian, and Russian forces/equipment on all levels before moving on to new nationalities.
  • More Battle Packs.

6. The next Fortress Italy module is in the early stages of development, at this point primarily artwork by our 3D artist Cassio.

  • This new module will push the timeline for the Italian front all the way from June 1944 to the end of the war in May 1945.
  • The main operations covered will be the race north following the capture of Rome, the fighting on the Gothic Line, and the Po Valley offensives in 1945.
  • The following services will be added: British Indian Army, South Africa, French Expeditionary Corps (including Moroccan Goumiers), and Waffen-SS. Of course, existing services will be filled out with all of the new formations that have been created for other Combat Mission titles since the last Fortress Italy module released: Gebirgsjäger units, Luftwaffe Field Divisions, flamethrower units, etc. All currently existing formations will be updated to 1945 TO&E. Also: US Mountain units. :)
  • 3D work has already been done on the following equipment for the module: Sherman III Kangaroo, Churchill NA75, Sherman IC Firefly Hybrid, StuG IV, M1917 Enfield rifle, M1935 and M1982 French pistols, FN/29 French LMG, Gewehr 33/40(t) rifle, T32 37mm AT gun, and the GebG 36 75mm mountain gun. These are just the start of the work on new equipment.
  • The module will also incorporate all of the work done on the Combat Mission engine to date since since Gustav Line launched... that's a LOT of stuff to add to Italy. Off the top of my head, that includes features, units, and equipment from: Engine v3.0, Red Thunder, CMBN Vehicle Pack, CMBN Market Garden, and Final Blitzkrieg.

Fun PRE-ALPHA image of a new soldier for the Fortress Italy module:


7. We are currently working on (and have been for some time) a new website for Battlefront as well as a new storefront. Our current website and store are... long in the tooth and showing it. The new website will be mobile friendly, with a modern structure that is much easier to use and navigate. The new storefront will tie into the website better, and have more flexible purchase options than the old one. With 15 years worth of stuff to move over, a new website is a bit of a process, but we are getting there!

8. Work on Upgrade 4.0 is going to start early next year. I can't get into specifics yet because the feature list is still in flux, but the planned areas of emphasis are going to be user interface upgrades, graphics/effects upgrades, and campaign/mission structure upgrades. However, like other Upgrades almost all aspects of the game will get some facelifts.

OK guys, that is what I can share with you right now. I hope all of you have a great holiday season!


CM Final Blitzkrieg Manual.pdf

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Merry Christmas thanks for all the hard work done and to be done.  Now just shudup and take my money.  CMFB let's roll.  Oh and all the other stuff can't wait.  CMBS come on the BRITS  some time in the nearish future.  Pwitty please.

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