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BMP2Ms... Again


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Hi all. So my concern is I play with the BMP 2M very often. Ive NEVER seen them laucnh their Kornets.

Ive heard exactly one players anecdotal experience about them firing, otherwise silence.

For one can this be looked into or are people getting missile launches?

Also Id like to propose for raks and ifvs that have missiles and guns a sort of half anzwwr to the problem.. AI is never gonna always get the choice right and BFcC doesnr want mobs at the gates de.anding a fix or sumfink.

Well how about a toggle. Gun mode or missile mode. If toggled BMPs would use their AT missiles before anytjong else same with any Russian tanks. Same with Bradleys. If they use them on a dumb targwt the player can only blame himself.


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A toggle would be ideal. Similar in some ways to Steel Panthers. For BMP 3s and the like with all kinds of weapons systems sometimes I'd like to be able to select. For example on the BMP 30mm, 100mm (and toggle between airburst, direct, and ATGM) and the MG.

BMP 2M is a great example. If I want 30mm GL and not cannon, or to stay hull down and hidden and then salvo those ATGMs.

e: I'd go further and say I would like to choose when my infantry squads start using their AT rockets or grenade launchers as well.

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It's been a while since I looked at this and my previous test was against vehicles that actually did have APS so I made a new test against Abrams tanks sans APS at 1000 meters. I made the Abrams tanks pop all their smoke before the engagement began so that didn't get in the way.

The BMP-2M uses a roughly 50/50 mix of 30mm cannon and AT-14. It usually begins with a 30mm burst and then will either continue with 30mm for a while or transition to AT-14. Sometimes it will salvo a couple of AT-14s and then switch back to 30mm. I only ran the test once but at the and of 1 turn of firing 6 of the BMPs had fired all 4 missiles and 4 BMPs has fired 2 missiles.

So the bottom line is that, yes, BMP-2Ms will fire their Kornets. But given the brief duration of a typical engagement the odds of them doing that in any given engagement are probably no better than 50/50. As AKD pointed out, this is not optimal behavior for a unit with salvo fire capability and it will be brought to BFCs attention for the next patch.

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Well I xanr argue with that Vanir. Im also not going to argue percentages we can never prove but in literaly about 50 to 60 Redfor PBEMs played to completion and lets say 25 had  BMP2M forces that were reg to vet and in  numbers of at least 10 Ive never seen one fire and so I think the given odds are way lower than 50/50. Id msgd a lot of my reg opponents who play beta though Im glad this is to be brought up Vanir. Thanks.


Also Im not repeat NOT advocating SOPs though they would be good IMO, merely a toggle only for GLATGMs on Russian tanks and the BMPs. A toggle like armor arc without the arc.

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xanr should read 'can't


also I can no longer edit but


Can you please either email or link a file, or if not give me the stats- weather - distance- experience - +/- rested or not -target tank how long autocannon use first if any etc


Also I specifically at this point to not look so crazy appeal to some of my pbem opponents who've fought against me as Redfor in multiple battles to back me up on my BMPs not firing their missiles  ;) just for legal purposes and all that

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