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Prone Buddy Aid?

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I just discovered someone has made a mod which changes the animation of soldiers performing buddy aid from squatting to prone. I'm sure this doesn't change the calculations the game makes as far as the exposure of the aiding pixeltruppen but it does lead me to ask wouldn't such prone aid be beneficial in some circumstances? I've seen some rather heroic (i.e. suicidal) examples of buddy aid and perhaps having the AI adjust to prone aid (which would take longer) when it performs the aid (which is decided by the AI anyway) might be a realistic improvement. Of course no programing is without its cost and perhaps such a feature is too low a priority. Thoughts?

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Foremost, I made the mod to be single player vs. the AI only. It wasn´t made nor tested for H2H and situations where possibly one player has the mod and the other not. So playing vs the AI means, that both opponents, the human player and the AI has the mod in effect since the tend-to casualty animation is universally used for all.

With regards to calculations the game makes, only BFC knows, but as a tip I recommend to play with this mod single player hotseat, playing both sides on the same computer and observe any case buddy aid is applied and then observe the same from opponents perspective. Exposure, spotting and targeting the medic. Do similar tests on situations with the mod removed (or temporary file name change) and compare again. Also works after a game saved in orders phase and then reloaded.

I´d like to point you to the thread where the initial idea was discussed in some depth:


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