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Walls with door only - bug


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I want to report that while a wall migh have only one door and no windows, the soldiers inside the relevant room behave as if there were a wall with windows. They are able to shoot enemy soldiers approaching from the outside alongside the wall, prior to reaching the door (they should not, as they should not be able to been seen through the wall). 

This is tactically very frustrating, as it negates some very natural tactics.

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Here is the file (from a playtest of a mission I am designing)

There are only two movement orders for blue to make it easier to find

At the north compound you will see an assault team hunting accross a "door-only" wall and getting shot throught the walll, before reaching the door (the reported problem)

Further on the south T-shaped building there will be exchange of fire through a wall!


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I can say that in real life, it is pretty common to make your own firing holes. Often in our training environments you'll see a brick missing out of a wall. A sledge-hammer does wonders against brick, drywall, or mud. If I had to guess it is a limit of the engine, to not show you holes that men could create, more than it is a bug.

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I am pretty sure this is how the game has worked for a long time.

if there is one opening ( even if its the door only) units are going to be able to fire out of that side of the building.


I think the reason it is not noticed normally, is the fact the models generally have windows on a side where you normally have a door also.


I am not saying any of this is good or what we want to see. But just letting you know its a present limitation as to how the game is coded.


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