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Excited to do some CMFB modding!

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I know MikeyD was locked in the basement until he finished all the whitewash paint schemes for over 100 gun and vehicles.

But I personally am excited to get my hands on some of these vehicles to lay down my own style. 

I don't know if Aris will go hog wild for the winter schemes. And I know my skill set rides the little school bus.

But I am still excited!



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Actually, I was locked in my apartment (no basement) and its was more than 150 whitewashed vehicles & guns. :o ;)

For doing whitewash you will need the tag [whitewash], obviously. But you also need additional [snow] and [whitewash snow] tag tagged art to cover things like wheels & tires that have both a whitewashed rim and snowy treads. Or just snowy treads & no whitewash. Remember you're over-writing default art so you gotta cover all the bases.

If you'e thinking of switching art between titles, currently use of [whitewash] tag does not wok particularly well in the CMFI title. Mostly because the combatants didn't do much whitewash in winter '43 below Rome. So not much effort was put into making it work in the game. That'll probably get itself worked out next CMFI patch or module or whatever may show up.

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If you're modding CMRT summertime you might want to try running a [whitewash] tagged CMRT vehicle through a stream or over muddy ground and see if the [whitewash] art stays in place, or if the game's [muddy] texture takes over. I haven't done that test, myself. Maybe the imported [whitewash] tag will take precedence. If not you may need to include a [whitewash muddy] combo tag. Complicated, isn't it!  :D

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Exactly! My "(and other variations)" also included a [snow muddy] so I would have control over that issue. I set ground as muddy on purpose to try and simulate bogging in the snow that is just visual. 

One odd thing I am getting is that when my testers load my mod but also have mods by Aris who packs his mods with 7 or 8 different turrets each numbered....

I have had to match his number of turrets with whitewashed turrets or the game slips in one of his turrets on my hull or vice versa.

But now I see a graphics card issue or something where one of my snow whitewash turrets is displayed in an odd dark grey pattern with like a photographic negative effect on any slogans. Seems to only be when I have a large number of the same model tanks on map.


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Oh, what you might be looking at is the normal maps. Or bump maps, or whatever you want to call them.
Does the effect disappear with you toggle alt-R? If the game isn't picking up the default art it might be trying to 'self-bump' the mod art. And normal map sees light as a raised section and dark as depressed. Not good for numbers. If the normal maps are acting up on your mod the cure would be to swipe the game's default normal maps and include them in the mod with the [tag] ending added.

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On 12/12/2015 at 7:48 AM, MikeyD said:

you may need to include a [whitewash muddy] combo tag.

Combo tags! I was wondering about that. Could you elaborate further on how that works? At the moment I have some duplicate files, tagged as [cold] and [snow]. Can I actually tag them as [cold snow] and have them show up in both conditions with a single file?

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