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FJ weapons in squad

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I posted a similar question on the DAK forum for Cassino troops, but I intend to model Fallschirmjager in Normandy and in the Ardennes too:

I'm currently located abroad and I left my games at home.

Could someone tell me the individual weapons prensent in fallschirmjager squads for Normandy, and for the Bulges?

I have some 15mm miniatures that I would like to base correctly with the weapons indicated in CM.

many thanks.


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Squad leader and assistant squad leader would have MP-40s

two LMG teams each consisting of two men, a rifleman and a machinegunner

six riflemen with kar98

late in the war one rifleman was eliminated and 2 k/g-43 were issued to each squad, one scoped and one unscoped

of course all this is in theory, it all varied IRL, some riflemen may have been issued MP-40s or StGw-44

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