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CMRT Winter Mod Beta Testers Needed


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I have a basic set of toys put together and could use some folks to just take it and try and have some fun and report back if it is fun.

Here is a link to my youtube channel with has a few short video clips....


It is taking [snow] terrain files from CMFI GL and plopping them in your CMRT mods folder.

If/when you make a map to use the CMRT Winter Mod, be advised that some map elements are not at all or are not so well carried over (flowers, certain bushes, trees).

Then in the scenario editor you import a snow.txt modtag file with the word "snow" to summon forth the mod!

I do have a simple, small allied attack mod test scenario written to play against the axis AI.

So far I have 3 Soviet vehicles whitewashed. T-34, T-70 and Ba-64. More to come.

Soviet infantry are in Telogreika quilted jackets up to the NCO level...atill working on gloves and officers

Axis are in greatcoats and gloves but you must purchase them using "standard" appearance.

Axis toys: I just have the Pak38 done so far and a kubelwagen. More to come as this rolls along.

The goal is to offer up a fun little enjoyable mod that has some snow/winter effects while we wait for the real deal to show up..maybe 2017?

If you are interested, PM me!


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I have a few folks who have offered to load it on their PC's and drive it around the block.

We've seen an issue with Aris mods. He offers so many turret options, numbered up to 7, 8, maybe 9.

Even with my snow modtag, the game engine will instead reach and grab his numbered options and plop a non-white turret on my white hull

So, my plan is to see his bet and raise him too! I will have to make available extra turrets to close the "turret gap"...!

Of course I shouldn't just copy and rename the same images. I should make some new turret images for the numbered options.

So, standby.

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