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CM Final Blitzkrieg - AXIS (Attack) BETA Battle Report

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  Love the screenshots.  This is an impressive shot of the new MG port on the turret of the Hellcat.....:o...Oh, wait...that is waaaay too large for an MG port.

  Bwaaahahahaha, nice shooting pal.  Thanks for showcasing the flame animations for some of the new Allied gear here.  Remember, I asked for them first!!!

  That was a cliffhanger and a half.  There were rounds flying and we had to wait for the next installment.  I am glad you upgraded the Panther's crew.  Looks like that move paid off in aces.  You've blunted some of the master's moves on this flank.  Not enough to remove the pebble from his hand, grasshopper, but it is a start.

  Good move protecting the flank for Big Kitty.  Those Hellcats can be fast...when they aren't burning...



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Not a lot to report since then. On the left, the VG boys are now going house to house ( yellow arrows ), although remaining on the outskirts.
The Halftrack that was transporting the Sturmgrenadiers unbogged again ( I forgot to mention that it bogged again, from now on, I'll just mention when it unbogs :P ). It's en route to pick up the rearmost VG team and transport them ( on the road, oh happy day ! ) into town to catch up with their squadmates. More movement up to the treeline on the extreme left.

A second jeep was seen in town ( this one without a mounted MG ). Persistent firing from the house next to the jeep is spraying into the woods. One team with an MG42 is returning that fire. The retreating scouts turn out to be at least 3 men.

Pic one shows the overview, Pic 2 is the postcard shot :)

CMFB 116 town.png

CMFB 115 town.png

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On the right, the jeep we saw before retreats from my largely unaimed HMG area fire. It is spotted by Big Kitty who turns left to engage :o It disappears from view before he wastes a shot, but remains angled to the left. Urgent Face command coming up.

Time to move the veteran Panther - Big Kitty can now cover the ridge, so it will move to get around the forest and to some higher ground.
Centre right, I made a mistake and got a team killed. They were hiding behind the building. I saw an HE burst nearby and assumed some mortars were ranging them. They were ordered into the house ... only for it to turn out to have been a tank shell falling short. He was shelling the house and all the next rounds hit. And killed them all. :(

CMFB 118 panther up.png

CMFB 117 mistake.png

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Merry Christmas !...And thanks for another nice update...

Your armour is still fairly spread out...Bil might not risk comming over that ridge again but once you decide to advance to engage him will you keep them seperated or will you move them forward in a tight group...

Both have there advantages i think...

- Keeping them seperated will cover a larger area but risk each tank to be targeted by mulitple enemy tanks (TDs) while on their own.

- Moving them closer togehter will allow them to better support each other but you will be advancing on a very narrow front...Allowing Bil more freedom of manuver...

Whatever you decise...I think it will be a tricky buisness ones you crest those rigdes...He will most likely be waiting on the revers slope with a decent amount of armour...

As i understand it you have identified 5 enemy tanks, TDs withdrawing to the other side...There might be more...or perhaps some AT-guns...


Will the terrain allow you some nice places to advance without having to crest any ridges ? That would be rather good...




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Pic 2 is the postcard shot :)


CMFB 115 town.png


Whoa.... That is quite possibly the "prettiest" CMx2 screenshot I've ever seen.  I can almost see those Budweiser Christmastime Clydesdales up in front of Bil's jeep.... Minus the icons and the red text, it could indeed be a postcard to any gamer!

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More time is taken up with advances and repositioning. I will get back to showing progress in town when I've moved more fully into position to advance on suspected enemy position.
Clearly the flanking wood concerns Bil - not only does his .50 cal continue to fire into the woods, 4 mortar rounds fall in a long line ( see red stars ). 2 men take wounds moving across the open field. He must have a long Harass Line barrage falling to slow down my movement towards and through that forest.

CMFB bang1.png

On the right, the Veteran Panther continues its move around the wood. The Panther trying to see through pulls back ready to follow around the wood. The highest ground on the right can't see further than where the Hellcat died, so remaining here is pointless. Big Kitty should be enough to prevent another charge on my right.
The highest ground is in fact the "Trouble Spot", so infantry will be heading there soon - probably from the ones on the left, ie. the wood in the above picture.

CMFB tank moves.png

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