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SC:Pacific buy/no-buy features question

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I have my eyes set on SC:GC and the AoD/AoC bundle this Christmas, and am also considering picking up SC:Pacific Theater. My question is whether Global Conflict with the Assault on Democracy/Communism has the features of Pacific Theater implemented (e.g., carrier CAP modes etc.), or whether that is a fuller, completely separate Pacific war game.

If SC:PT is a separate game and you know both titles, is there enough difference to warrant buying Pacific Theater?

Thanks in advance! 

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Hi Stratiotes

The Carrier features you mention are in all three, as they were introduced for the Pacific game and the others came afterwards.

The essential difference is that the Pacific game concentrates 100% on that theater. The Global and AoD/AoC games being more recent do have more features that have been introduced since, but their focus is much wider. If I were planning on playing all three, I would definitely start with the Pacific game.

If you're not sure, why not try out the Demos and see which grabs you the most?



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Is there likely to be any more content for these newer games that features the Pacific theatre?

I've recently purchased SC:GC Gold, AoC & AoD but was disappointed at how little focus there is on the Pacific (the island hopping campaign, British operations in Burma and the US invasion of Guadalcanal are all major interests of mine).

I understand SC:Pacific to be an older version of the game engine and that it is unlikely to be updated, is this correct?

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