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Rundstedt Sends His Best - a CMFB Comic AAR

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I’m the author of these. Thanks for the compliments!  If you’re looking at these on a phone you will miss fine details. I’ve urged readers in the past to click the images for 2000px resolution to see

That comic is really good and well made. This reminds me of the comics about the second world war me and my brothers read when we were kids in which the Allies always were heroes and the Germans alway

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That means they feel no pain! :D

Ken, help me out here! There's a plus side to this, right? 

Absolutely! Those were the men who had fled to the rear to hide. This was some sort of straggler dragnet stopline position. The best they could do was absorb enemy munitions so that real men wouldn't get harmed by the German fire. As such, you've done the best that could be expected and you've allowed them to redeem themselves. As they stand upon the far shore of the River Styx, I'm sure those gestures they're giving you are meant to express how grateful they are to you. ;)


On the other hand, the way your defense is collapsing, the Germans are sure to rush into the vacuum and then be vulnerable to your crushing counterattack! 

You do have a counterattack planned, don't you?

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Great AAR!

I'm planning to re-create the map in CMFI, so I can follow the fight from the point of view of Lt. Lawrence.

Which is the size of the map?

Could you please post a picture of the map in the Editor (the Black & One with the terrain contours is missing a few details...)

Thank you!


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I wish the half-tracks had land mines you could acquire and then deploy. I mean the art randomly shows the dang mines there on the rails waiting to be grabbed!

Ian drove right up that sloped road and would have blown away at least one half-track. :D

Mines might have been an interesting nuisance, yes. I considered getting them, but the premise of this scenario is that the American forces did not have the resources nor reason to extensively fortify this location - they are expecting to be be resupplied and pulled back for replacements. When buying things here I purchased units with reduced ammo, low morale (though experienced) and sub-par leadership. Fixed defences were not in the cards for this lot. :(


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