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Rundstedt Sends His Best - a CMFB Comic AAR

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  Holy Moley, I was working my way through your excellent CAAR over on the CMFI forum and had no idea all this was going on.  :o

  I accidentally discovered the CMFB site and then found this amazing CAAR going on already.  I had to catch up. 

  This CAAR is amazing.  Your atmospheric set-up for the scenario is one of your best.  Yes, everyone already said it, but I had to say it again.  This is one heck of a way of showcasing this upcoming game. I especially liked the shot with the building that had lights in the windows.  Yes, I know that isn't in the game, but it was a powerful mood enhancer for the storyline. 

  Very nicely done.  The tension is growing incrementally.  Can't wait for more.

  Oh yes, a little fire discipline would have been good for the guys in the building.  This probably won't work out well for the lads behind the hedge.  If they survive, they'll be looking to "talk" with the jerk who cracked off that early round.


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OMG can't believe I did that I was rushing to get out the door and typing from my phone I've somehow got mixed up on the threads.  I do love the comic AAR though. Lol sorry about that.

Jeez Louise. Next time it will be "..milk and bread..got it...I love you baby...see you soon.."

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A small note. CMFB 'bocage' is not CMBN bocage. You're out of Normandy hedgerow country. The roadside foliage is no longer impenetrable so you're no longer playing a maze game.

That´s good news. I already liked to use CMBN (low) bocage to thicken up forest interiors or the edges, as well as getting some variations mixed with hedges enclosing gardens. From the screenshots I´ve seen so far, it seems we´ll see a number of foliage additions as well? :)

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