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CM Final Blitzkrieg - ALLIED (Defense) BETA Battle Report

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While we continue to wait for Baneman to return the next file I thought I would post this up to the minute Enemy OB Analysis... this is through the last turn. Enjoy.

NOTE: the forum is resizing this image, click on it to get access to the full image.


  • Green field = positively or probable identification
  • Amber field = possible identification (needs to be confirmed)
  • Red field = destroyed unit
  • White field = unknown if present in the AO - requires confirmation (sound or visual contact)



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I think Baneman may have been riding on that Panther you hit. ;) Nothing like rolling too high on a morale check. Ouch...

-May have rolled a 12.

Or, more likely, he is just recovering and catching up in RL from his New Year's celebrations.

I've been lucky enough to be in his neck of the woods for NY when I was a younger man, with a fitter liver.

All I can say is I had a GREAT time!

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TURN 22 (1:09-1:08) - Back in Business

HELLCAT RIDGE:  My Hellcats rushed forward with armored arcs set... I expected Baneman to pull Pinnochio (Sdkfz 251/17) back into the cover of the L Shaped Wood and hoped to catch it before he got away.  Instead, he drove it forwards towards the little copse of woods he has been pushing infantry into over the past few turns... 


Olson and Forsythe were in perfect position to intercept this vehicle and it never saw my TDs on the ridge... Olson gets a spot and fires one round (range 280m)...


There did not appear to be any survivors...


JAGDTIGER:  This was an interesting development.. the JagdTiger was spotted moving, somewhat slowly along the road towards Hellcat Ridge... as far as I know Panther-1 is still sitting on the other side of the L Shaped Wood so this should be unsupported, other than by a bunch of infantry.. I respect the German infantry and their AT capability so I will not be rushing forward in an attempt to flank that beast... but I sure would like to.


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M18 Hellcat has less frontal armor than an M8 greyhound AC so that approaching 251/17 was more of a threat than it seemed. An M10 TD could've probably shrugged off the autocannon hits but I'm not so sure about M18.

That is true.. which is why it was a priority of mine to kill the bastard. 


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TURN 23 (1:089-1:07)

HELLCAT RIDGE:  I figured that with the JagdTiger coming and with the losses I had inflicted that it was time to pull back and let things develop a bit more....


JAGDTIGER:  As my Hellcats and Shermans were on their way back to their original positions, the JagdTiger, like a bad dream makes an appearance.. I'll let the images tell the story...




Damn!  I thought I could get out of the way of that beast before it appeared.. what I should have done is rushed it.. but I was worried he would bring some infantry out with it... oh well.. for what I killed, this loss was worth it.

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Excellent post ! :)

First glimpts of the JagdTiger in action...I guess we will soon find out what the reload-time is on that sucker...

It looks like it has more targets in sight...

My Easy-8 can see him.. not sure if the JT has me spotted.. the other two, Olson's Hellcat and the Jumbo should both be behind slight rises, neither of them can spot the area the JT is sitting on.  He'll have to advance more to get them.

Reload: in my tests the JT (veteran crew) reloads in about 14 seconds.. which should mean it should have  around in the chamber at turn start... next few turns should be fun!!  :) 

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I'm really looking forward to seeing things live and close up. From what I can tell from the AAR screenies, the stock graphics for both vehicles and soldiers (Amis, more noticeable than Germans) have gone up another notch and are now rivaling mod quality.

The new flame graphics are WAY better than the old ones. It's hard to tell from the animated GIFs exactly how they compare to Vein's, though. I think Vein's have a bit more transparency, giving his the edge on a "natural" look. Perhaps there is still time to tweak the new ones a bit for more natural transparency? ...If that's actually a problem, mind. Again, it's hard to tell without high-quality video of the new ones.

I loaded up the Winter Mod for CMRT yesterday and it really wet my appetite for CMFB and the future official winter module for CMRT! The general atmosphere and terrain look in CMFB looks surprisingly natural.

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