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Constant CD Access?

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What can I do to stop the almost constant CD access that happens during a game of CMBO? I've tried taking the cd out once the game starts, but invariably I'll get an unhandled exception at some point.

What I find strange is that even while I'm designing a map for a scenario from scratch, the CD drive is still accessing the CD.

How do I copy the "core files" over to my HD w/o using CM Mod Manager?

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Again, this is another question that is best asked in the technical forum.

I can't say that I ever noticed my computer using the disk apart from the initial security check when I launch the program.

Of course, it would help to know if you have the original, pristine, pure and uncorrupted BFC version of the game, or one of the CDV versions (comes in at least two flavors which behave differently). Without knowing where you're located I can't even guess at that.

I'm not much good at computer technicalities, but if I had to guess I'd wonder if you were perhaps set up to play off the disk. The solution would probably be a new, clean, and full install onto your hard drive.

Having said that, there are any number of people in the technical forum who have forgotten more about computers than I ever intend to learn. Just don't let them talk you into doing something unnecessarily complicated like partitioning your hard drive and setting up ghost CD drives to fool your computer into thinking the CD is still in your hard drive. You don't want to go that route.

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