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Apache: A Tank's Tale - A CAAR

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The long-delayed and heretofore illusory comic, Apache, is finally nearing completion. Like my previous CAARs (links below in my signature) this one shows something new, both in terms of the side being illustrated, as well as design concepts for the comic. I'll let you mull that over and see if you find them appropriate and intuitive. 

This CAAR was unusual in that it required substantial setup to provide useful and interesting material. Some of the lengthy pauses in development were cause by obstacles in story-telling that had to be worked out in a pleasing and realistic manner. The fault is mine - I never used the scenario editor for anything other than map-making, and Apache necessitated a foray into scenario design that illustrated (see what I did there?) that it takes practice and a LOT of effort to make workable scenarios. My respect for those volunteers who design them here is increased by an order of magnitude. We all owe them a debt of gratitude for enriching our experience in these games. 

Once again, the map is one of my own making, another 208m x 208m custom job with a beach and water for troops to come out of as they invade. Fortunately, my partner in this, once again the inestimable Kohlenklau, recognized that the map was too small with the beach and water and the need for some space to represent a landing, so he made alterations that greatly improved on my original work. Much as I'm fond of the idea of micro-maps (after all, these comics are called Micro-Battles) there comes a point where being able to spit in your enemy's eyes is just a tad too close. 

I hope you enjoy this effort. As always, comments and questions are welcome. 


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Very cool, Bud.  Nice to see you are back at it.  The newspaper article with photos from the game was a nice touch.  

Thanks, MOS! :) With everything going on its hard to feel the creative urge at times but I really wanted to get this started. Next, I'll get back to my CMRT AAR! 

The newspaper article was from a Canadian newspaper (still one of our major national print papers) and was actually printed two days after the landings at Pachino Sicily. It didn't have any photos from what I could see in an archival copy, but I was able to squeeze Apache in. :D



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Hey, great to have your comic book battles back. I will follow this one. Will the scenario be released after the comic for the rest of us to play?

Thank you, Rocketman! Now that the Reputation system is no longer a part of the forum (for good reason) the only way I have of knowing anyone is reading (let alone enjoying) this is everyone's comments so I appreciate it!

It's an interesting question you pose - I never considered releasing the scenario to the public - it's not conventionally playable because the Italian situation on Pachino was not sustainable by any measure - even were they predisposed to dig in and fight hard. Unlike all the other battles that were shown in my CAARs, this was not a QB, specifically because we needed to emulate conditions that were present (and not doable as QB) in the historical situation, conditions that heavily favour the Allies. As we move inland things will get more balanced (and as a result we will revert back to QBs). 

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