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Removing "Paused" script for screenshots?

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It is 4 years old, but I still keep this link for overall clarity on doing screenshots.

1. Grab a Kodak moment


First of all, let's say the obvious: think what you want to do with your screenshot. If you want to show how a specific mechanic in the game looks like, it's okay to show it au naturel. But on the other hand, if you saw a breathtaking moment and want to share it with others, it's a good idea to turn off all the extra fluff, like icons (alt+I), make sure that trees are shown etc. Whether to show hit texts depends on what you want to show - you decide. Bumping up the 3D Quality for your shot is a good idea. The zoom option is also your friend. But perhaps most importantly, be aware that the 'Game is paused' text can be hidden if you press Shift+Esc to pause the game.



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