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Easier BS scenarios?

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Echoing  @sttp thread for BN http://community.battlefront.com/topic/121117-scenarios-the-difficult-vs-the-easy/, I need to start digging into the vs AI scenarios, and would prefer to start at the easier end of the spectrum. Currently have some PBEM's underway, but need to get more familiarization with tech/units/tactics.


Any recommendations on which are the easier scenarios shipped with BS (note I have already played the three demo scenarios, and obviously the 'tutorial' ones)?


Thanks in advance!

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I really like very much this small scenario [Raid the Pump]

It invites you to make use of the concepts of a fire base, cover and concealment during approach, supporting artillery fire etc.


Also the US Campaign is well built in terms of progressive complexity of the missions. And, if you manage to crack Pocking the Bear, then you will have certainly grasped the essence of modern high tech warfare. 

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Brilliant, many thanks for the quick replies.

@Erwin, thanks, I was aware of the ascending battle size for scenarios, but was doubtful that  smaller necessarily meant easier. But good point about quick replays!


@Euri; cheers for the link - will give it a try. I want to give some scenarios a go before committing to a campaign; I hate ruining a good story!

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Hi Gnarly,

I would like to put my vote in for Guantlets Crossed. It's listed as medium size but only has 2 platoons of leg infantry, plus attachments (breach teams, MG teams). I find it is a nice intro to fights in urban terrain.

That was actually one of the demo scenarios, which I've now played 3 times, including once from the RUS side. Thanks!

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