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Aris/Umlaut CMFI british Shermans


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I am probably not the only CMFI player who has been longing to play with Aris' versions of the british Shermans. But it seemed that he wasn't going to make any.

So I contacted him and asked if he would lend me the original psd files for his CMBN british Shermans. I would then use them to make a full set of CMFI versions.

He kindly agreed and sent me the files.

While working on this I began to understand Aris' reluctance to make this set. There is a lot of work involved:

Every Sherman comes in Sicily (normal), Mainland and Mainland Olive versions. On top of that, I have made most of the files in normal, muddy and snowy versions. That means that many of the bmp's come in six different versions. All in all, there are 175 bmp files for the seven different Shermans in this set.

So the weathering is still Aris' work transferred to CMFI. My contribution has been to tranfer his work to the CMFI files – plus adding mud and snow for the [muddy] and [snow] files. Not all Shermans come in snowy versions.

In short: Aris made the art work, I made the leg work.

Get them at the new cmmods: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=2581


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Thanks A LOT umlaut. I've missed them since forever. A soon as a non-modded Sherman turns up among modded ones it makes my eyes hurt. Not that the original is ugly, it is just that the difference is so stark that it looks like they are not in the same battle.

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