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Baltic zone issue

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I am playing a game against an opponent who landed near Hamburg and was able to move almost his entire British fleet in to destroy by German Navy, which is ok because he held both areas of the channel above Hamburg connecting the Atlantic with the Baltic.  However I was able to take back the left hex which per the map should trap the British navy in the Baltic to be destroyed at my leisure however his navy moved right through my infantry.1941%20-%2008%20-%2031.jpg%205_zpsde2nsp

This really is a game changer that gives the British the ability to more or less move at leisure through the Baltic as more or less a ghost navy.

I can send you the saved file for you to check out.

I am putting my game on hold and perhaps will give it up if can not be fixed as this changes the dynamics of the game not to mention I spent a lot of MPP operating in air units for the objective of destroying the British navy and keeping them locked in the Baltic for no purpose in the rest of the war.



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Hi Steel32,

I just took a closer look on my end and the German infantry is correctly blocking the British naval passage... however, the game engine is allowing the British navy to pass through the tile that is just north west of that German unit, i.e. the coastal tile.

This is a bug and I'll take a look into correcting it on our end,


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