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Movie Mode + Artificially Bright Night Graphics = Night Vision Mode


I don't even know if CMBS has the "Movie Mode" overlay, but if it was possible to modify it to produce a green tint, then combine the green tinted "Movie Mode" with enabling "Artificially Bright Night Graphics", you could easily make a night vision mod.


Of course, I have no real modding experience, and I don't even own CMBS, but I saw a movie mode mod on CMFI, and I figured I'd throw this idea out there in case anyone wants to make it. I remember the old Night Vision mod for Shock Force, and it would be nice to have another one.

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Thanks guys!

That is not just cool, it's uber cool. Please upload asap I'm currently playing a night scenario. You know that desperate longing feeling when you just have to have something    :P  :P

Haha, I'm to the point I'm happy with it now, so I'll upload it tomorrow.


How did you do this?  

I edited values in the blur_shader.frag file which controls the movie mode parameters. Here's the thread where BarbaricCo and RockinHarry showed us the light on how to do that: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/120795-fxshine-shader/?page=1

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