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Russians Revenge - Sublimes DAR vs Jammer Russian Attack (JAMMERSIX STAY OUT)


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But Abrams and Bradleys are a little less of a mystery than whether he can reload stingers... so where are they??? 

You are presuming he has armour; don't forget the US has some interesting artillery options....


Tactical Nuke.jpg

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Kuderian and Sublime,

My research indicates that neither Ho Chi Minh nor Vo Nguyen Giap made the famous utterance. Rather, it came from PAVN/NVA General Man, who honchoed the Ia Drang Valley Operation. The quote is taken from Moore, Harold G. (Hal) & Joseph L. Galloway (2008)We are soldiers still: a journey back to the battlefields of Vietnam, Harper Collins, cited here.


PAVN General Man, however, believed the North Vietnamese had won. "Here we showed you very high spirit; very high determination. This is the first time we try our tactics: Grab them by the belt buckle~ The closer we come to you the less your firepower is effective. After the Ia Drang battles, we are sure we will win the limited war. We will destroy American strength and force them to withdraw.[36]


John Kettler

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