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Russians Revenge - Sublimes DAR vs Jammer Russian Attack (JAMMERSIX STAY OUT)


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Ill post screens shortly.

Its a Large Russian Probe on  Huge Map at Dusk.   Against US forces.

I bought several T90AMs, 2 Khriz, 1 Tunguska.   1 BMP Tactical Force with BMP2Ms with 3 companies of infantry. The Recon and Sapper platoon were deleted.

Of every company BMPs were parsed out, though thankfully each platoon had a BMP or two to acquire extra ammo and with command vehicles and company cmd BMPs I will be able to mount a platoon if I need them as a QRF.  Ill post screenies but basically the map has to large woods on my left flank and right flank.   The gap in the middle is where my armor will drive and I started the map using all the 120mm mortars on maximum smoke mission to cover this open track. To my left flank an old loggers trail left room for a platoon of 3 T90AMs to advance,  I covered the sort of large entrance to that with a module of 155mm smoke firing.   I preplanned 2 SU-25 Attacks at the beggining, both covering different parts of the map.

Jammers forces shot about 4 stingers and downed an SU-25 and it scared his wingman off.   However hes been ordered back, though with the godawful Russian air attack times I assume itll be quite awhile before he arrives (10 min).  I assume that Jammer being new to Pbems is just about completely out of stingers now though, and probably didnt think of the absoute necesssity of US forces - with your stinger troops always buy a formation of them, delete what you want, but keep one of the humvee flatbeds because it has extra missiles.

I dont need to worry about air defense. I have about 3 IGLA S with no extra missiles, but the Tunguska will handle any real problems.

Wait a few for screenies next.

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So Im not really sure what Im facing here. But the plan must seem obvious upon seeing the pictures.

1. ID US target and win the armor battle.  I dont have ATGMs besides whats on the BMP2Ms and Khriz.   So skillful use of smoke will be my trump card for Khriz, and use of massed fire with my T90AMs, that and using cover as much as possible to engage US targets not in an open plain battle, but keyhole and weird LOS battles where I can focus as much firepower on individual targets as I can.

2.  Use my remaining SU-25 to destroy any targets of opportunity it can see and I cannot

3. Use the large amount of mortars and artillery along with my TRPs to utterly shell the bejesus out of suspected and ID'd US positions.  This is where planting BMP2Ms with infantry split squads in forests and having them sit is important. I dont need actual IDs - ?s are enough to warrant shellackings.

4. The infantry near the buildings that also are near my armors main route of advance are to attempt to enter and occupy said buildings, gaining better LOS and supporting the armor from US infantry possibly hiding inside or nearby.  Priority must be given to Javelins as well. Units close to buildings or that can leapfrog to buildings will do so, even if I have to divert other platoons and funnel them through the one route open to the buildings.   That will work on my right flank, on my left they'll have to sit and wait for the situation to develop before becoming committed.

5.  - This is open, again, being a QB and having no idea what Im up against I have to wait and see how the situation develops. As of now my smoke screen will allow me to emplace my units and when it dissipates I expect firing to begin immediately. My tank advance has all T90s in center clearing ending their rush with a pop smoke.  This will allow the Khriz a unique opporunity to fire on targets the US nor anyone else can see using their radar.

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3. Use the large amount of mortars and artillery along with my TRPs to utterly shell the bejesus out of suspected and ID'd US positions.  This is where planting BMP2Ms with infantry split squads in forests and having them sit is important. I dont need actual IDs - ?s are enough to warrant shellackings.


I like the way you think. Few problems in CM cannot be solved with the proper application of High Explosive.

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Ok so the turn was pretty uneventful. Except a BMP2M on my left flank trundling down the loggers road spotted some US infantry dashing across the road to the otherside of the woods where more of my troops are. Autocannon fire killed at least one GI.


Enemy spotted!


Annd enemy Killed.  FIRST BLOOD! As they used to say in Mortal Kombat...


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Last night two more confirmed US casualties were caused. Unfortunately screenshots that I took didnt save. I will take screens of the next turn which Ill be playing in about an hr. 

However , if you look at the previous screens you.ll understand the situation. No real movement except ob my right flank the infantry close to the buildings began storming and occupying the buildings closest the woods under cover of the smoke screen.

On my left flank by the loggers trail  my 3 tank platoon of T90AMs popped out of the left most T90 spotted US infantry bolting out of the woods to its left and running for the cover of my smoke screen. It fired a single ainet round causing two definite US casualties.

More to come during next turn. I need to place my tanks in position to defend themselves when the smoke screen dissipates and am thinking of moving them slightly back to the mouth of the loggers trail on either side of it barely in the woods. This will provide minor concealment but help against javelin attacks. Im also going to heavily be relying on my BMP2s to spot targets and hopefully usebtheir Kornets though Ive never seen a BMP2M use one in game. Nevertheless they.ll be there with extra eyes, ATGMs that will hopefully be used and at the very least autocannon.

The benefit of all contact occuring on my left flank is that though thats my secondary spearhead ( my primary is the big open gap in the middle with the lions share of my tanks) it probably makes it seem to my opponent that the left is indeed the center of my attack. If im lucky and he moves aggressively to counterattack the units in my center will have a perfect vantage point to slam into the flank of any said attack. Preferably I wont need to do this at all however,  instead using my treeline BMPs to pop smoke and make a smoke screen and having my Khriz fire AT15s through the smoke at any US armor reacting.

On the attack at the Russians its very important to be extremely cautious for any attack and movement of armor. Really something akin to the Brit WW2 bite and hold is a good analogy.  You seize some ground under cover of smoke or by other means and present a serious threat. Then hopefully the US player placing faith in his superior equipment will give up one of the inherent advantages of defense - waiting for the enemy to come to you, and counterattack. Meanwhile on the ground you.ve seized you ve reverted to defense mode placing AFVs in defensive ambush positions along with infantry.

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unfortunately i was wrong. Theres no turn waiting for me here. Hopefully my opponent can get me a turn back in the next couple hours before I leave for a short 6 hr shift at work. Otherwise update tonight with screenies. Meantime Im about to post a screenie of end tally of the Bradley battle in a few minutes.

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So two turns later on my left flank the smoke screen continues to build. The T90 that shot the Ainet round slewed towards a ? inf. contact and was struck and killed by a javelin.


I order artillery strikes via TRP on three areas of concentration of suspected enemy forces.   I used a circular target arc at its widest.


This is a close up of the infantry on my center right leapfrogging from buildings nearest their woods to buildings further out while the smoke screen dissipates.



Finally, a shot of where the destroyed T90 shot and killed 2 GIs (Confirmed)


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So the next turn sees my infantry moving from house to house in the center and the left.  1st T90AM plt HQ is firing at a US M240L in a foxhole with a 30 second target brief.  The aiirburst shells kill the gunner, and by half way through the turn the enemy mg in a foxhole reads knocked out.

Unfortunately just as the T90 stops firing about 6 155mm rounds strike it in a precision strike.  Immobilized, with some mild subsystem damage its still very much in the fight with excellent right flank protection in the form of a building.

My mortars began area fire prep on the two targets assigned each battery respectively, on the left and right sides of the map.

2 BMPs (with a third to begin) either directly target the small Church that the javelin team is stuck in, or target just by it due to LoS issues and their rounds hit it anyways.

Another enemy AT position (or perhaps just infantry) is shelled by 3 bmps a little to the right of my center. This building is almost certainly where the Javelin that killed my leftmost T90AM came from and though its windows face left right and cannot be fired into at that angle, the side of the building certainly can and is being chewed apart from auto cannon.

Move paths for my center advance.   Note the dust obscured T90 that was hit by artillery.


Move paths for my left advance. Note an exploding prep fire 120mm burst in the top of the screenie


Enemy center Javelin position and foxhole with knocked out machine gun nearby being shot at.


Enemy right flank Inf or Javelin position in building being hit


My left flank from the center


Start of capitalist rounds falling on my T90 in the center


The rounds exploding,,,


T90 showing subsytems after..




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Some at least hit directly. See  the screen above - says hit reactive armor. Just no penetrations.  When the dust clears a little Ill take a screenie of the actual round marks on vehicle.  They struck directly.  Immobilized some subsystems damage. Thats all. I popped smoke on him.  The real trick wont be popping smoke and Im keeping my armor in situ - each tank has its own field of fire and I can afford to keep my armor static right now. 

The infantry will advance, after prep fire from arty and flush out his armor.  He'll have to respond to an infantry assault and occupation of the main obj and my left flank obj.

Meanwhile my SU-25 is two minutes out on the right flank objective. Due to my opponents limited PBEM experience I doubt his stingers have more missiles and I counted 3-4 shots for the one SU25 I lost so I feel confident my next air assault will be unimpeded.

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Meanwhile my SU-25 is two minutes out on the right flank objective. Due to my opponents limited PBEM experience I doubt his stingers have more missiles and I counted 3-4 shots for the one SU25 I lost so I feel confident my next air assault will be unimpeded.

You've mentioned this  before.... I'm a bit surprised. Is it really that common a mistake for PBEM virgins ? 

Surely it's common sense to take a supply truck or two. 


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Even more so for US players because they only have Stingers. Russ and Ukrainian forces can buy SAM or SAM/AAA vehicles that obviously have multiple shots. If you're parsing down an expensive US formation its easily enough done where the Stinger platoons flatbed humvees are deleted or Brads.  On the other hand he could have kept his TO&E intact, or bought dismounted.  But Im betting instead of buying a stinger formation seperate, or as part of an entire US battalion he parsed down the forces and kept the stinger crews or bought seperate stinger teams as individual special teams that mean they come with one missile.

And considering his last game with me was his first PBEM, and he didnt buy anti air and was surprised by the appearance of CAS he responded by buying 3-4 stinger teams.  So he obviously parsed down a formation somewhat or bought them (this is what I think) individual because IIRC no US Stinger formation only has 4 shooters.   Next when I first played many moons ago it was a rude shock to me when I realized both Igla and Stinger shooters got one missile with them, the rest required rearmament and from a formation assigned specific vehicle be it humvee, bmp, brad, etc. So my bets are on he's out of missiles. Add to that 2 planes made the attack run - but only one was shot at by 4 missiles at once and the other wasnt.   It was scared off by his wingman exploding in his face but he wasnt shot at. No, I think hes out and regardless fear of individual US soldiers with Stingers isnt keeping my SU25 out of the fight.  His comrades are roasting in T90s down there, pop some flares or something and stop being a pussy I dont know what to tell ya ;)

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This turn my advance continued.  I was heavily engaged by enemy infantry fire -  in the center taking a few infantry casualties and to the center right an enemy 50 cal engaged me.  The prescence of Ma Deuce is further evidence my opponent was in the specialist teams buy screen in the QB beginning and further supports my theory he bought Stingers from there.  Also the same T90 was shelled by a further 6 155mm shells.  Some hit the tank directly, no visible subsystems damage, crew remains unimpressed by the US redlegs. 

Am engaging visible infantry targets with BMPs and infantry fire.

Screen of the two enemy infantry positions.


Another view of enemy infantry positions.


Friendly inf. taking fire


The T90 beginning to be shelled


The T90 Post Shelling showing subsystems



Due to proximity to my infantry I adjusted my 155 fire which will be delayed coming in but my men are already danger close and have taken a few casualties from enemy fire. I dont want them getting shelled senseless by 155 fire when I can wait a couple more minutes and have D/F from AFV assets and infantry weapons.



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The attack continues. I order some infantry to advance on my left, while its brother platoon rests some. In the center I reposition some grenade launchers and to thumb my nose at Jammer order the T90 thats now taken 6 155mm precision strike rounds to begin firing Ainet airburst rounds at one of his infantry positions I ID'd - the one in the foxholes.   One of the .50s starts receiving BMP fire and goes to ground in its foxhols, yeah, you heard me right,  one of the .50 cals as another was ID'd on the second story of a building.  No big matter, as I order 2 BMPs to fire on the building, and another with near LoS to the second story of the building to target a connected building to the 2 story thats adjacent to the un position.  Meanwhile 2 more BMPS will keep pumping 30mm into the foxhole .50 and I order an infantry platoon to advance further into the woods on my extreme right.

On my left as my infantry advances I move out several BMPs and the 2 T90s - with 20 second pauses - to follow shortly after, all vehicles with liberal pop smoke waypoints along the way to further screen my infantry and vehicle movement.  Infantry to hedgelines and in buildings, vehicles with at least one flank protected by buildings.

Enemy inf positions


My infantry movement on my right


Movement plans on my left flank



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Next turn more of the same.  My SU25 is coming around, if he did an attack run I missed it.

Troops ID'D another foxhole with enemy infantry, this is where the 40mm grenades must have been coming from.  Infantry and a BMP are targetted on the new foxhole.

My hero T90 thats taken 2 double battery precision strikes moves his target of Ainet rounds to a foxhole a few meters north and to east of the original foxhole he was targetting. Ill switch back to the first next turn - Im giving the capitalist lackeys a chance to go rabbit and run so they can be gunned down in the open.   I also adjusted my 155mm fire again near the Orekhovsk VP - now it'll be a linear mission running roughly from the treeline, over the foxholes my T90 and other troops are engaging, and end roughly past the house with the 50 cal in the second story and the foxhole near it.

I also plotted a linear 155mm mission along the length of the map running west to east from the northwest VP to the NE VP along the road and buildings that lie in that axis.  This is pretty much speculative prep fire but as my men advance and take more ground it becomes clearer and clearer where the enemy must be because of the obvious - ground we.'ve taken and places we haven't been shot at from...

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My men continue to advance. Further upon the left flank. All is quiet there.

On the right flank the SU25 flies around unmolested searching for targets.  My right flank infantry platoon is ordered to emerge from the woods to start leapfrogging from to buildings.

In the center an intense firefight has developed.  The Americans are basically on the losing end of this, with several auto cannon and infantry teams or squads firing for every US unit that has shown itself.  However airburst 155 fire has started landing here and there amongst my center platoons.  Some casualties are taken. Such is the lot of a Russian soldier. Its either goto ground or get out of the killzone, so I order them to rush closer to the Americans - to quote a general whose name I forget now about fighting the US - 'grab them by their belt buckles'.  Ill happily let us both get shelled by both of our artillery.  I can afford the losses, and am making more progress on the left especially.  This left hook envelopment is going to force some US reaction or cause a disaster of being caught in an L shaped crossfire of my making,

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screenies soon. my center infantry advance has bogged down due to artillery casualties. Though I still have plenty of armor and my left flank adcance is seemingly going to roll into the NW major VL unopposed. I had hope this would put Jammer into an L shaped line of fire. It will but Orekhovsk seems to sit on a small incline and Ill have to advance to the East once I seize the main VP to roll up Jammers line.

On my right the infantry platoon trying to leave the woods for houses to become domesticated is taken under fire by MGs. Advance slows. My bmps a T90 I repositioned and infantry continue to lay down a withering fire on all enemy positions. If he didnt buy tanks he s really screwed but at this point Im wondering 'Wheres the beef?' as I havent spotted any Abrams, taken Abrams or Brad fire, and my CAS circles aimlessly over the NE VL looking for targets, apparently missing the streams of tracers going from my side to enemy inf. locations. Moron.

I decided to due lack of enemy air activity to move my Tunguska up to support my right flank infantry platoon and get some real nasty anti personnel weaponry in. Interestingly halfway there after he.d rolled up the slope that constituted my setup zone he stopped and fired at .. something airborne.  I havent heard helos or jets besides mine, so it must be drones Jammer has. Ill happily knock those down before continuing on - the cause of many of my artillery woes has been discovered apparently.

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