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Mod Request: Camoflage Uniforms

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I know what I'm asking is completely unrealistic in a historical sense, but I think it would be cool to have camouflage textures for uniforms. I know some troops like some German formations have their own camo, but I'd like to have modern or semi-modern camo textures for everyone.


Is it possible to cannibalize a camo texture pack from Shock Force or something and incorporate it into CMBN, or would it have to be made from scratch? I remember ChrisND made some freaking amazing camo texture packs for Shock Force.


Just looking for camo uniforms and helmets, not equipment.

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Here's some stuff from 'Camopedia', who knew there was such a thing?

Anyway, I was thinking along these lines.




The green dapple or spot design, began distribution to US military forces beginning in August of 1942. Nicknamed “frogskin” by many GIs, the pattern consists of a five color green dominant “jungle” camouflage pattern printed on one side, with a three color brown dominant “beach” pattern printed on the opposite side. Produced in a variety of uniform styles as well as some articles of field equipment, the pattern was most widely utilized by the USMC in the Pacific Theater (although it did see very limited usage by the US Army operating in the ETO).




Introduced in 1942, the British "Windproof" pattern is in fact a variation of the brushstroke design printed on the early Denison smocks. Designed primarily for use in Northern Europe and produced using roller-printing machines, the pattern generally featured broad brushstrokes of dark brown & olive green on a pinkish-tan base. This design was issued as a lightweight two-piece Infantry oversuit and issued primarily to Infantry scouts & snipers during the Second World War. Later, a heavier weight one-piece uniform designed for armored crews was produced, although there is some debate over whether these were actually utilized during the war.

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