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Favorite Fight Scenes

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"Kill Bill" movies. When she takes on the Rocket 88's in that limb chopping festival! You know a black market prosthetic dealer is going to make a fortune. That's if the Rocket's Medical Benefits covers that.


Bruce Lee in "Enter the Dragon". "Be like water". Also there is a great parody of that film on a old 70's movie titled "Kentucky Fried Movie". 


Then there is Blade Runner where Roy Batty is just plain screwing with Blade Runner Deckard. Yep he shows what a combat model replicant can do.


Seven Samurai. Black and white 1954 flick but great movie all around. This movie was the inspiration for the western "Magnificent Seven"


The Highlander movie before it got ridiculous with the sequels.


And let's not forget Clint Eastwood in Pale Rider. Clint goes to town on a bunch of bully's with a axe handle. "Nothing beats a good piece of hickory".


Thanks for posting the Mongo clip from "Blazing Saddles". Alex Karras was perfect in that part.

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@Childress LOL, I had forgotten that one. :-)


Yeah, a classic. I find most of Mel Brook's stuff tiresome and self-indulgent. But with a few gems.


Just noticed on re-watching the clip that the poster appended a brief and off-the-wall profanity. Too late for editing, please delete. Sorry, Battlefront! Here's a g-rated version:


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