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Stat Sheet template for CMX1 games

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(apologies if this is in the wrong place but it didn't really seem like it fit in any of the CMX1 forums, and as this is a general forum more people will see it here I think)

Me and my friend have been playing against each other by email (really dropbox with an autosync program but you get the idea) on both CM:BO and CM:BB for a bit over a year now. We created a spreadsheet to record all the stats the game gives us and I thought I'd share it here with you guys as I feel it might make a good template for either 1v1 or with a bit of creative editing less/more players. 

Here's a link to the spreadsheet

To play around with it you'll need to go to File>Make a Copy or File>Export.

The First two pages are the raw stats that the game gives you at the conclusion of a battle/operation. The third page is those stats broken down by axis/allied and overall. Page 4 is a head to head page setup like a scorecard broken down by game, faction and overall, each section indicates who is currently winning in a given category. Page 5 and 6 are individual player stat sheets basically on the same template as the Axis/Allied sheet, broken down by game/faction and overall. All pages will auto update as you enter new data into the raw stat sheets (Barbarossa to Berlin, Beyond Overlord) 

Now there are some formulas you'll have to edit - notably the individual player sheets as those formulas all operate by searching for data that corresponds with a player's initials. For example (from my personal stats) =SUMIFS(BBAllied_Deployed,BBAllied_Player,"nc") this formula adds the deployed troops column together as long as it also find's player "NC" in the allied player column as well.  Generally you shouldn't have to change anything besides the player name variables as everything else just references a column on the raw stat sheet.


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